Patient-friendly drug development?

Friday 2 October 2015
C1*     Session accredited under ACPE, UAN: 0579-0000-15-010-L04-P (3.0 contact hours)

Organised by the FIP Programme Committee


This session will explore the challenges associated with the development of innovative medicines. It will highlight the fact that “innovative” means different things to different people and that a product that is innovative may not necessarily be useful or valuable. It will consider how patients are being increasingly involved in the design of clinical trials and how the different needs of regulators and payers are balanced (or not!) in the drug development process.

Learning objectives

Knowledge-based session

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the challenges involved in achieving an effective and clinically meaningful level of innovation.
  2. Identify the tensions generated by the differing needs of regulators and payers.
  3. List opportunities for patients to be more involved in the design of clinical trials.
  4. Evaluate clinical trial documents for their “patient friendliness”.

Chairs: Linda Hakes (FIP IPS, Germany) and Betty Chaar (University of Sydney, Australia)


09:00 1) Introduction by the Chair

09:10 2) Challenges in the search for new medicines
Lode Dewulf (UCB, Belgium)

09:45 3) Clinical trials with a human touch
Jean Paty (Quintiles, USA)

10:20 Break

10:35 4) Can we put a price on the value of innovation?

Allan Wailoo (University of Sheffield, UK)

11:10 5) Vision of the future
Marc Boutin (International Alliance of Patients' Organizations, USA)

11:45 6) Panel discussion, summary and closure