Forum for Innovators - implementing and remunerating pharmaceutical services for chronic diseases

Saturday 3 October 2015
C3, 3 hours

Organised by the FIP Community Pharmacy Section


The Forum for Innovators is a programme that has been successfully managed by the FIP Community Pharmacy Section for 8 years. It attracts a large number of participants and is characterised by case study presentations, a plenary session and discussion forum. An important element is conference delegate participation in the round table discussion.  The program was developed with the purpose of creating a forum for sharing experiences and exchanging information on professional practice. Many countries have, by 2015, achieved payment and/or are in the process of implementing or researching pharmaceutical services for patients with chronic diseases. After some initial research in 90s and from 2000 onwards we have seen much progress. However there is much variability in the strategies and interventions being adopted with the various objectives, payment systems, and rate and depth of implementation in different countries and for different services.  Services range from simple to complex programs (and interventions). It is timely to share experiences, failures and success in the programs directed to patients with chronic disease. Due to increasing costs of these patient groups they have become the focus of Governments health policy and other payers and therefore of great importance to pharmacy and other healthcare professionals.  To achieve patient outcomes, services that lead to optimal medicine management must be implemented to a high quality and be sustainable both from the professional and financial perspectives. The 2015 Forum for Innovators will assist national organisations and individual members by developing their expertise in design and capacity to offer pharmaceutical services programmes that lead to higher implementation rates for pharmaceutical services patients with chronic disease.

Learning objectives

Knowledge-based session

At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the various pharmaceutical services directed to patients with chronic diseases.
  2. Analyse the key strategies and interventions that lead to successfully designing a programme for these chronic disease patients. 
  3. Advocate, based on research evidence, the elements and resources required for the implementation programme.
  4. Evaluate the payments systems for simple to complex programs directed to patients with a chronic disease.
  5. Identify the types of health policy associated as drivers of these programmes.

Chairs: Charlie Benrimoj (University of Technology Sydney, Australia) and Charlotte Rossing (Pharmakon, Denmark)


09:00 1) Introduction by the Chairs

09:10 2) Case study from South America: chronic disease management services in South America
Victoria Hall Ramirez (University of Costa Rica, Costa Rica)

09:30 3) Case study from Serbia
Mika Simisic (Subotica Pharmacy, Serbia)

09:50 4) Case study from Spain:  planning for chronic disease programmes
Daniel Sabater Hernandez (University of Granada and University of Technology Sydney, Australia)    

10:10 5) Pharmaceutical services for patients with chronic diseases: an international perspective of design, strategies and interventions
Ash Soni (Royal Pharmaceutical Society, UK) 

11:10 5) Roundtable discussion: what we can share and learn from others?
Charlie Benrimoj (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)