Medicines optimisation: CPS vision 2020 (Part 2)

Friday 2 October 2015
D8*     Session accredited under ACPE, UAN: 0579-0000-15-018-L04-P (1.5 contact hours)

Organised by the FIP Community Pharmacy Section 


Medicines optimisation is an approach to the quality use of medicines that aims to produce the best possible outcomes. It differs from medicines management in a number of ways but predominantly focused on outcomes rather than process, patients rather than systems and is led rather than delivered by pharmacists. Medicines optimisation’s primary goal is maximising value; the value that a patient derives from their medicines and the value that the whole population experiences from investment in medicines. Optimal medicines use is a crucial step in both improving the quality of care and balancing the costs of healthcare. The purpose of this seminar is to demonstrate the need for medicines optimisation, describe what we mean by medicines optimisation and provide some of the evidence base to support this – for the benefit of society, the healthcare system as well as the patient. The pharmacy professions value-added derive from expertise in medicines use rather than simply medicines supply.

Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and their staff are well placed to deliver on medicines optimisation and improve health and wellbeing, with community pharmacies all over the world offering easy access to pharmaceutical services. No appointment needed, in the heart of local communities.

Learning objectives

Knowledge-based session

At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the drivers for optimising the use of medicines such as the economic challenges, increased use of technology and technologically advanced medicines, problems around waste and safety, demographic changes, changes in healthcare infrastructure, and quality, innovation, productivity and prevention.
  2. Explain what we mean by medicines optimisation.
  3. Identify the evidence base underpinning the need to optimise the use of medicines.
  4. Identify models/methods/frameworks from all continents on how to work with medicines optimisation.
  5. Identify how medicines optimisation is a part of the CPS Vision 2020.

Chair: Lars-Åke Söderlund (FIP CPS, Sweden)


12:30 The CPS Vision 2020, and how medicines optimisation is part of the vision
Ema Paulino (FIP, Portugal)