Pharmacy Technicians Symposium - Achieving a strong pharmacy technician workforce: driven by evidence

Tuesday 29 September 2015
E2.3, 3 hours

(Separate registration required)

Organised by FIPEd 


The Pharmacy Technicians Symposium, now in its fourth year, provides a forum for exploration of the need, development, utilisation and advancement of the pharmacy support workforce globally. Presentations and debates during this one and a half day forum allow pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, educators, administrators and government representatives to share the challenges and successes associated with creating a strong pharmacy support workforce, able to respond to identified needs around the world. The focus of this symposium will follow the Congress theme for better practice – science based and evidence driven. There will be opportunity for active participation of attendees as they learn about the existing evidence that demonstrates the critical need to develop and advance the practice of mid level cadres and explore how to create and utilize further evidence to achieve this goal.



Part III – Developing evidence in practice: a skills-based workshop on practice-based research

Application-based session


Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this session participants will be able to:

  1. Produce the systematic approach that underpins practice-based research.
  2. Adopt how others have used practice-based research methods in community, hospital and development settings.
  3. Demonstrate practice-based research skills by preparing a work-based research project for a question of their choice, in their work context.


Chair: Jochen Pfeifer (Germany)



09:00 1) Practice-based research – the basics

Jochen Pfeifer (Germany)

09:30 2) Practice-based research – case studies from the pharmacy workplace

(community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, development)

Tamara Köhler (The Netherlands)

Sanne Hee Johansen (Denmark)

Manusika Rai (The Netherlands)

11:00 Break

11:15 3) Practice-based research – application

Jochen Pfeifer (Germany)

11:45 4) Symposium summary and closing remarks