Pharmacy needs more leaders - how to respond

Saturday 3 October 2015
E3*     Session accredited under ACPE, UAN: 0579-0000-15-020-L04-P (3.0 contact hours)

Organised by the FIPEd (EDT and AIM), the FIP Young Pharmacists’ Group and the FIP Community Pharmacy Section


Leadership development is critical for all levels of the profession, from our undergraduate students to our most advanced practitioners, and it plays an important role in advocating for, and advancing the profession. This session will discuss the development of leadership in individuals and organisations, focus on driving changes in connecting the science and practice and will provide examples of leadership through case studies and individual presentations. The context for this discussion will be educational and career development. The importance of strong leadership in the pharmacy profession will be explored including how to both develop and attract leaders to the profession, for better outcomes in practice. There will be an important alignment of the agenda with workforce development focusing on the theme of the congress: better practice – science based.

This session will be a mix of leading-edge presentations and member and delegate engagement activities.

Learning objectives

Application-based session

At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain what leadership means and driving changes in connecting science and practice through leadership development.
  2. Research case-examples of leadership from different countries and member organisations, connecting the science and the practice aspects.
  3. Analyse the types of leadership required on a global level to promote and develop the pharmacy profession and how to develop and attract leaders in our profession.
  4. Translate specific examples of leadership development to personal development.

Chairs:  Jill Boone (FIPEd, USA) and Luis Lourenco (FIP CPS and YPG, Portugal) 


14:30 1) What do we mean by ‘leadership’? How can science and practice be connected?


Tina Brock (FIPEd, USA)

Zubin Austin (Canada)

Catriona Bradley (Ireland)

Kayley Lyons (USA)

15:20 2) Workshop activity

Facilitator: Lynnae Mahaney (Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation, USA)

16:10 Break

16:30 3) Global citizens, global pharmacists, global leaders – is there a strategy to build?

Sudax Murdan (University College London, UK)

16:45 4) WHO Technical Group engagement - scientific development applied in the field

Rebecca Bailey (IntraHealth and Technical Working Group Expert, Switzerland)17:00 5) Workshop activity

Facilitator: Joseph Bonnarens (Manchester University, UK)

17:20 6) Closing remarks

Luis Lourenco (FIP CPS and YPG, Portugal)