Disaster situations – dealing with the personal aftermath

Friday 2 October 2015
E6, 3 hours

Organised by the FIP Military & Emergency Section 



Too often, emergency pharmacists who respond to disasters (war or non man-made) have to try and relieve stress in patients and other health workers and forget about managing their own stress. This session is about providing information on how to recognise and reduce stress factors.

Learning objectives

Knowledge-based session

At the conclusion of this knowledge-based session, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the signs of stress when working on deployment.
  2. Identify strategies for dealing with deployment related stress.
  3. Identify mental, physical and emotional issues associated with deployments.
  4. Describe how to reduce the effects of mental, physical and emotional stresses associated with deployments.
  5. Describe the benefits of having pharmacologistic guidelines for deployments.
  6. Locate practical solutions to solving issues arising from deployments.

Chairs: Eiko Kobayashi (Japanese Red Cross, Japan) and Wendy Walker (FIP MEPS, Australia)


09:00 1) Mental health issues associated with deploying - looking after yourself
Hana Morrissey (Charles Darwin University, Australia)

09:40 2) Reducing stress for deployed pharmacists - producing guidelines on managing pharmacologistics in deployed situations
Trudi Hilton (FIP MEPS, UK) 

10:20 Break

10:40 3) Issues arising on a deployment - practical solutions
Eiko Kobayashi (Japanese Red Cross, Japan)

11:20 4) Development and research of a novel anti-infective and analgesic medicine XJND1201 for treatment of burns and wounds
Jia Yan-Yan (Fourth Military Medical University of CPLA, China)