Tuesday 29 September 2015
M1.2*     Session accredited under ACPE, UAN: 0579-0000-15-028-L04-P (4.5 contact hours)


Isn’t it time to revisit your pharmacy business model? Learn how to adjust it for better patient outcomes, better health and a more successful business. Be equipped to select the perfect services and product portfolio according to the needs of your patients. Learn about innovative new services and products.

Target audience: Community pharmacists and pharmacy consultants.

Prerequisites: Experience in running/managing a pharmacy, basic marketing skills and insight into your patient/target population.


Learning objectives

Application-based session

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  1. Adopt strategies to expand your pharmacy’s services based on your individual population’s needs.
  2. Detect areas for improving your pharmacy business.
  3. Identify new opportunities for attracting more people (patients and healthy individuals) to your pharmacy.
  4. Catalogue different services (e.g. modes of pharmaceutical care/patient follow-up, counselling on cosmetics, expertise on dietary products, advising on medical equipment).
  5. Adopt digital marketing and e-commerce to your services and other patient-care related resources.
  6. Install innovative ways of incorporating new services and products for the success of your pharmacy. 


Speaking: Renowned business consultant in the community pharmacy field and businessdevelopment manager

1)      How to analyse your current business portfolio

2)      Choose new services and products based on your patients’ needs

3)      How to provide the best patient care using new services

4)      How to better market your current and new services and products

5)      What other ways are there to improve your pharmacy’s profit margin?

6)      Brainstorm future services with the group

Please note:
Educational information will be sent in advance so that participants can prepare for the class and make the most out of the learning experience.
An assessment will be given at the end of the masterclass. A certificate will only be given upon sufficient demonstration of understanding.
To ensure the quality of exchange, the number of participants per masterclass is limited to 50 people, therefore masterclasses are only accessible in addition to full FIP congress pre-registration.