Presentations by FIP Member Organisations

Saturday 3 October 2015
MO3, 1.5 hours

Organised by FIP

This session provides a platform for FIP Member Organisations, for cutting-edge topics to be explored, drawing together different policy, research and practice perspectives.

Chair: Thony Björk (FIP, Sweden)


12:30 1) Presentation of CISMED, the Information Centre for the Supply of Medicines – a tool to address medicines shortages

Laura Martín Gutiérrez (General Pharmaceutical Council, Spain)

13:00 2) Pharmacists initiating changes for better health outcomes: experience from the Philippines

Olivia Limuaco (Philippine Pharmacists Association, Philippines)

13:30 3) Pharmacy services in primary healthcare: a comprehensive strategy for Costa Rica

Lorena Quirós (Pharmaceutical Society of Costa Rica, Costa Rica)