Additional Programme Items

Industrial Insights

Organised by the FIP Industrial Pharmacy Section, in association with the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (APS)
Thursday 1 October 2015, 10:00-16:00
Duration: 6h
Location: Johnson & Johnson, Platz 2, Neuss / Germany
Bus transport will be provided, separate registration required


Industrial Insights is a one day event brought to pharmacists or pharmaceutical scientists in the early stages of their career or interested in changing sector. After an overwhelmingly positive pilot event in Dublin 2013, the organisers are pleased to be able to offer the event  again in Düsseldorf. Choosing the right career path is usually not a done deal -  as a pharmacist/pharmaceutical scientist, one has a wealth of choices. This one-day event will open up new and unthought avenues, introduce different roles and specialisation possibilities in the pharmaceutical industry and increase the knowledge of pharmaceutical industry and drug development in general.

Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this knowledge-based session, participants will be able to:

  1. Distinguish and describe what role pharmacists can play in pharmaceutical industry.
  2. Describe the drug development process in detail and be able to make an assessment of the different factors affecting the process.
  3. Critically evaluate where the source of innovation is and what is needed to create innovations.
  4. Realise the value of networking and creating contacts and get advice how to do it in an efficient way.


Chairs: Sini Eskola (FIP IPS, Belgium) and Claire Thompson (Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UK) 




Bus transportation from Congress Center Düsseldorf to meeting location at Johnson & Johnson, Neuss



Registration & coffee



Mike Anisfeld (FIP IPS) and Jayne Lawrence (APS)

Keynote address

Michael von Poncet (Director Medical & Scientific Affairs, Janssen Cilag)



From discovery to medicine - A day in the life - Panel I

Moderator: Linda Hakes (FIP IPS, Germany)

Presenter 1:  Research & Development

Hannah Batchelor (Biopharmaceutics Scientist, University of Birmingham)

Presenter 2: Formulation science

Klaus Benke (Bayer AG)

Presenter 3: Clinical trials

Presenter 4: Manufacturing

Henrik Müller (Aesica)

Presenter 5: Quality control & GMP

Eva Maurer (Aesica)



Coffee & networking

J&J pharmacists join for networking and further information





Molecules to Medicines interactive game: Live out the process of making a medicine, the decisions, risks and costs. Can your team get your medicine approved?

Led by APS




Lunch & networking

J&J pharmacists join for networking and further information



From medicine to patient – A day in the life - Panel II

Moderator: Igor de Linhares Castro (FIP IPS)

Presenter 1: Medical affairs

Kerstin Neumann (Johnson & Johnson)

Presenter 2: Pharmacovigilance

Ann Kristin Neuroth (Johnson & Johnson)

Presenter 3: Policy & communications

Ulf Janzon (MSD)

Presenter 4: Health economics & outcomes research

Steffi Rönsberg (Janssen)

Presenter 5: Pharmaceutical chemistry & pharmacovigilance

Niina Suni (DRA Consulting)



Coffee break



HR info flash – tips for applicants for the pharmaceutical industry

Martin Pompe (Johnson & Johnson)



Interactive plenary session:

Industry in partnership with other players in the healthcare system. Focus on innovation: What is innovation to you? Where does innovation occur? Who is driving it?


Moderator: Claire Thompson (APS) 

Panel: Ulf Janzon (Industry); Jayne Lawrence (Academia) Sarah Sinclair (Pharmacy Practice)



Closing remarks

 Sini Eskola (FIP IPS, EFPIA)



Bus transportation back to Congress Center Düsseldorf



Organised by Pharmabridge
Thursday 1 October, 12:30-14.00
Duration: 1h30

Pharmabridge aims to strengthen pharmaceutical services in developing and transitional countries through coordinated support from the pharmacy establishment and individual pharmacists in developed countries. This is done by linking up people for book donations, for visits of pharmacists from DCs for practice exposure to countries with more advanced pharmacy education and practices, and the organisation of lectures and workshops in DCs. The project is supported by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), its Board of Pharmaceutical Practice (BPP) and the Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association (CPA). The session will include an update on Pharmabridge, reports and results of Pharmabridge practice exposures and an ensuing discussion.All those interested in the project, from developing or developed countries, wanting to establish contacts with colleagues from other countries (or even a specific country) are invited to attend this meeting.People with books, DVD’s etc. to offer, are encouraged to bring them to the meeting and give them over to colleagues from less affluent countries.