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Any journalist or editor can apply for congress press registration.

We welcome you to all sessions that are open to the public, including the Opening Ceremony and the Welcome Reception. You will also have full access to our media room (where you will receive your congress admission badge and other materials) and media services.

To register, please contact

Since FIP is a not-for-profit organisation, we could do with all possible help to promote our congress through your journals, websites, blogs, newsletters, etc. That’s why we ask you kindly to use one or more of our materials to let your readers know about this year's congress and increase their interest in participation. Below you will find a selection of:

- Ready-to-publish articles

- Promotional Banners

- Promotional Slides

- Pharmacy Technicians Symposium


Ready-to-publish articles

Ready to publish articles: what’s in store at this year’s World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences? FIP gave community, hospital and industrial pharmacists a preview of the programme and asked them what they thought. 


-       Community: “World congress appetizers for pharmacists on the front-line” 

-       Hospital: “World congress tackles effective use of medicines” 

-       Industry: “You cannot be an industrial pharmacist in isolation” 


Click on each title to see the article, we are also providing you with free images for your convenience. (See folders; no credit lines needed unless labelled otherwise.)


If you need anything else, please do contact us (

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Pharmacy Technicians Symposium


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FIP in the Press

FIP asked five congress speakers or chairs to grant interviews to Sven Siebenand  at German journal Pharmazeutische Zeitung (PZ). Find out what they said below.

-       Dr. Hana Morrissey from Darwin, Australia 

-       Luis Miguel Lourenço from Lisbon, Portugal

-       Dr. Raúl Mascaró from General Roca, Argentinia

-       Proffessor Dr. Yen-Huei (Tony from Taiwan

- Charles Dontoh from Ghana


Member Organisations post about the Düsseldorf Congress.

-       IPU Review (April 2015)

-       PTA Forum Politik & Beruf

-       PharmaJournal 08 (April 2015)

-       Apoverlag 16 (March 2015)

-       Pharmazeutische-zeitu ng  (March 2015)

-       Krankenhauspharmazie (KPH) 05/2015

-       Latvian "Industrial Pharmacists News"

-       Journal of AQFU, Uruguay

- BAV-Rundschreiben V/2015

- Kammer im Gespräch 01/2015

- Pharmaceutische-zeitung ng (June 2015)

- Proviisdori 3/2014

- Latvian IPS bulletin No3-2015 

- Anzeige_Ärzte Zeitung_Juni 2015

- Ärzte Woche_Apotheker Pkus_Juni 2015

- Markt_intern_27_2015

- Irishpharmacist Aug 2015



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